Mammoth tusks at the fossil store

In this post we are reviewing past celebrities of our varied stock of fossil megafauna, The great pleistocene ice age Mammuthus primigenius is celebrated in pictures. We also feature our research and design skills of presentation, which we believe to be of the highest quality workmanship available, enough to adequately grace the rare and exquisite Mammuthus primigenius ice age tusks that have survived so long in the perma frost tundra, nothing less should be expected. To shop our mammoth tusks.

In the summer of 2005 while out hunting down the finest and most interesting fossils for we came across a huge Mammuthus primigenius, ice age Mammoth tusk, it was a single tusk in superb condition. Recently cleaved from the perma frost of northern Russia brought into Europe where it had been restored and cleaned and finally polished. The natural ivory gleamed through warm brown tones, colours caused by the silts that held it for tens of thousands of years. Our team set about designing the best way to present this unique item for sale, A stand was designed and manufactured in bronze, the colour blended perfectly with the warm colours of the tusk. Once acheived off the mammoth ivory tusk went to market. This monolithic tusk weighed in at around 60 kilograms, the curvature length was around 11 feet, the root end was around 8 inches diameter and the swing width was almost as wide as the root end to tip, straight measurement of 6 feet 6 ins. A trophy which was secured by a far east client at a staggering £40,000. 


historic collection of mammoth tusks

We actively seek Mammoth tusks of exceptional quality and interest and hope to unearth another fine specimen tusk like this one day. In meantime we have equally fine tusks coming and going through our hands and in this post we illustrate that fact with a few selected illustrations of the types of juvenile and adult Woolly Mammoth tusks we have sold. Illustrated above and below is the impressive and monumental bronze stand which supported the 60 kilogram tusk.


mammoth tusks on bases

Below are two tusks in unique designs platforms, each tusk set in a bronze ring which stylistically accents the Mammoths jaw, two different individual tusks sit proud and we think make an interesting and impressive display feature. The simplistic elevation of the superb quality bronze stem and flat bronze plate does not detract from the Mammoth tusks. Both tusks were naturally coloured with the blue steel hue similar to a gun barrel steel colour, over the ivory we think these are particularly aesthetically pleasing.


mammoth tusks for interiors

In the illustration below a unique pair of Mammoth tusks belonging to one megafauna individual mammoth are set in another design, this is our ‘L’ platform, the acrylic base designed to blend out of view as the tusk over awe the admirer. The angle of the acrylic bases again gives a two way seating platform for the mammoth tusks. The acrylic is also a much softer medium for the seating process of the tusk. behind these tusks is a monumental ammonoid Holtzmaden plate from Germany.


Pair of bespoke mammoth tusks for sale

The fossil Megafauna Mammoth tusks featured in this post were all sourced and sold by The Fossil Store.