Mineral Pyrite Cubes


Mirror finished 'Pyrite', commonly known as 'Fools Gold', crystallises in cubic form and has tricked many to believe they had found the elusive golden prize, 'Gold', however they were fooled. These amazing cubic forms are natural, not engineered by man but by nature.

It's not difficult to analyse the difference between pyrite and gold once the obvious has been pinted out. Pyrite presents a warm, yet a pale to mid brass hue. Auriferous Iron Pyrite is a valuable ore of gold and can lead to a treasured find. You can see more examples of our Pyrite ammonites and Pyrite cube minerals in our collection of fossils and minerals. The mineral cubes originate from the famed Navajun; Aguilar Del Rio Alhama, La Rioja mine in Spain.


Mineral Pyrite Cubes


The La Rioja only produces Iron Pyrites, not for commercial purposes for industry; it is solely a concern producing fine specimens for collectors and enthusiasts. Many specimens from the source reside in museum across the world.


Pyrite Ammonites For Sale


As seen in the images above and below, iron pyrite has replaced the internal structure of the fossil ammonites shell, chamber walls and cavities, absorb by surrounding mineral deposits over millions of years during the fossilisation process, creating these bizare and stunning golden structures within the Rondiceras ammonite shell. Originating from Mikhailov, Volga river, Ulyanovsk near Saratov, Ryazan region of Russia. These date back to the Mesozoic era, middle Jurassic period, Callovian stage, approximately 164 to 161 million years ago.


Pyrite Ammonite