We ship our dinosaur fossils worldwide, shipping to the United Kingdom mainland is free, for overseas shipping of this partial Hadrosaur dinosaur fossil egg nest, we may need a little extra time to manufacture a custom wooden shipping case, so the purchaser should allow an extra 48 hours to receive an item like this to overseas destinations. We have many dinosaur fossils including carcharodontosaurus teeth for sale.


This wonderful and extremely rare group of dinosaur eggs set on a stainless base, the base has the ability to be turned slowly around in a full 360° accent. The stainless steel is strong and has been lathe turned in our workshops to a minimalistic style so not to overpower the exhibit, which works extremely well as can be seen. The fossil dinosaur eggs for sale here have been worked back from a solid block. Each dinosaur egg has been patiently cleaned using the latest compressed air and pneumatic technology, a high powered pneumatic chisel tool and finally a micro sand blaster tool, the pencil sized pneumatic tool driven with compressed air gently chips away the overburden of limestone rock while the micro blaster tool removes the softer limestone around the slightly harder fossil eggshell, this took approximately 100 to 80 hours to complete from start to the finished dinosaur egg nest on stand you see here.