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Morocanites Malladoides Trilobite 59mm


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Morocanites malladoides trilobite 59mm. This appears to be a recently discovered arthropod of the type Morroconites having a longer rostrum (nose spike), excellently prone on the fossil matrix bedrock.

Genus: Morocanites Malladoides.
Age: Emsium stage, Middle Devonian period, approximately 408 to 393 million years.
Origin: Bou Tiskaouine Formation, Hamar Laghdad, Taharajat, Oufaten, Djebel Issoumour, Atlas Mountains, Alnif, Morocco, North Africa.

Morocanites Malladoides measurement.
Height: 1.1 cm
Length: 5.9 cm
Width: 2.6 cm

Overall measurement.
Height: 3.6 cm
Length: 10.7 cm
Width: 9.6 cm

Approximate weight: 437 g

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Morocanites malladoides trilobite 59mm dating back to the Devonian era, approximately 354 to 417 million years. Originating from Hamar Laghdad formation, Djebel Issoumour, Alnif, Morocco in North Africa. The trilobite has a longer rostrum or cephalon spike (nose spike), sometimes referred to as a nose spike or sword, this rostrum is at least twice as long as the morocanites previously discovered.

Superb specimen Morocanites Malladoides Trilobite on its original fossil matrix (bedrock), as discovered. The carapace is in excellent preservation, all the attributes of this genus of trilobite fully evident in the inflated and prone three dimensional manner, top notch Moroccan collector fossil arthropod from the Devonian period.The Morocanites Malladoides are one of our firm favourites, named after the country, a corner stone fossil trilobite for a Moroccan collection.