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Barrandeops Trilobite 65mm


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Genus: Barrandeops.
Age: Middle Devonian era, approximately 393 millions years.
Origin: Ofaten, Morocco, North Africa.

Barrandeops measurement.
Height: 2.3 cm
Length: 6.5 cm
Width: 2.9 cm

Overall measurement.
Height: 3.6 cm
Length: 13.4 cm
Width: 8.6 cm

Approximate weight: 416 g

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Barrandeops trilobite dating from the Middle Devonian era, approximately 393 millions years. Originating from Ofaten, Morocco in North Africa. A quality Barrandeops Phacops trilobite showing all attributes very well. The bulbous cephalon, head, is fully inflated and covered with turbucles, the multi lensed eyes protrude from the cephalon, the cheeks are well formed and also nicely inflated, the thoracic segments picked out and a strong pygidium finishing off a reasonably scarce fossilised arthropod.The pygidium has been slightly detached in the fossil bed and during the millions of years of fossilisation which is an interesting feature and tells a story of the Barrandeops Phacops trilobites journey to our store.

The trilobite sits atop the original bedding plain, fossilised silts, since the time of its demise which we can only guess at, often it is theorised that shifting silts or underwater landslips covered these arthropods suddenly which created the anoxic environments needed to create the fossilisation of most organisms. This fossil limestone has been worked back from the bug and etched to create a pedestal and attractive display background to show off the darker carapace of the Phacops trilobite.

Our Devonian trilobites are collected in the field by our associates and team members in North Africa and prepared for us by technicians in the Moroccan Lab. We therefore have a historical link to our fossil diggers enabling us to authenticate and guarantee all our trilobites.

Here is a breakdown of the order and type of this Devonian Barrandeops Phacops trilobite. Order of Phacopida - described by Salter c1864, Suborder, Phacopina - described by Struve c1959, Superfamily, Phacopoidea - described by Hawle & Corda c1847, Family, Phacopidae - described by Hawle and Corda c1847, Subfamily, Phacopinae - described by Hawle and Corda c1847, Genus type, Phacops Emmrich, c1839, Sub genus, Phacops (Barrandeops) described by Mc Kellar and Chatterton c 2009, species, Phacops (Barrandeops) described by Richard Forty, Mc Kellar and Chatterton c 2009.

Additional Information

Age Devonian
Origin Morocco
Colour Black