Authenticity Guaranteed


Relax, we've got you covered.. All our fossil and mineral products described within in our web pages are accompanied with a ‘certificate of authenticity’ document. This our guarantee to you the purchaser of the authenticity attribution type, location and correct description on our web site. In line with the web site selling descriptions, this is your personal assurance that we have sold you what has been illustrated and described.

Similar to a bond, this is our money back guarantee that the item you purchase is a genuine fossil or mineral of natural history. This is also in line with our web site terms and conditions and descriptions and is your personal assurance of the guaranteed attribution that The Fossil Store has supplied to you the purchaser an authentic and natural product as described.




Certificates Of Authenticity


In issuing the C.O.A. document, this also acts as the bond between The Fossil Store (the seller) and you the original purchaser, of the accurate description, genuineness, and authenticity of the provenance of each item where stated in the web site description. This document may be used for insurance purposes at any time in the future by the original purchaser when accompanied with the original purchase receipt, from The Fossil Store.

The certificate of authenticity is the accurate description of your purchased item. The authentication lists the region of the find, the age, type and is signed by our company. This gives you the assurance that we guarantee all our products as natural genuine and authentic pieces, some of which have been qualified and described by accredited museums and other learned institutions.




Restoration And Conservation


Conservation, restoration and repairs. The reality of unearthing any natural fossil or mineral is that the vast majority of specimens quite often come out of the ground in multiple sections and require further conservation. The ‘general rule’ is an acceptance of a 25% bar on restoration, if approximately or more than 75% of the element is complete this is then considered an acceptably fair specimen with conservation. For a correlation of this rule and when considering Museum collections, particularly vertebrate and dinosaurian specimens, the level of acceptance is much higher if only 25% of the fossil is original and 75% is not or has been cast from other known specimens, this is considered acceptable. However when considering minerals a 80% -100% unrestored state would be more inline with what is considered a good or fair condition in most collections.

Fossil repairs are almost always necessary, as a matter of course, particularly with vertebrate specimens, bone, claws and teeth type fossil material. These normally need to be stabilised and repairs affected to any breaks or fractures caused historically in the fossil layers or during the extraction process from the ground. This is undertaken with sympathy to the originality, by a good fossil preparation laboratory, often associated with a recognised company or museum service. Where possible we acquire specimens and work in house. Sometimes this is not possible and work has been carried out before we receive the specimen, ‘out of house’. This will be in our descriptions or requested condition reports. Some exceptional specimens require no work or stand alone without further conservation, this will be noted in our descriptions.




Legality And Cautionary Notes


The Fossil Store only trades fossils and associated materials that are legally sourced. Any fossils exports and imports which are currently being reviewed or have current restrictions and that may be illustrated in our web site catalogue were acquired before the current regulations changed. Recent or new changes in the law of the country of origin may be applied by the country of origin from a certain date which may be post historic collecting. For example, dinosaur eggs and nests; currently these are not legally allowed to be exported directly from China, even though within China’s borders there is a healthy selling market, at fossil shows for example, with independent Chinese traders selling eggs and egg nests etc. As most businesses in the fossil industry, we will not deal with any business or take part in any transactions based outside of any legal guidelines. The fossil Store deal solely in legally gained fossils, some of which may have been acquired in old or historic collections some time ago and prior to any new or recent rules and legislations.

Legislation banning collecting or exporting. When dealing with fossils it is easy to find an overwhelming volume of categorical specimens on the trading markets within the fossil industry. We advise when looking to invest in any fossil, do your research in the business you are intending to make a purchase from. Many businesses in China selling reptile specimens can be more than 90% fake, fossil dinosaur eggs can also be very much over-restored, single eggs and nests shaped with random shell fragments made into eggs. North Africa has also been known as a region of many fakes particularly in exporting fake trilobites in great quantities which have been expertly cast making it difficult to identify from a novice point or perspective. If in doubt we are always happy to help in these scenarios as we can only imagine for the purchaser, an unsettling experience, not knowing if what you have brought back from the souk, is a fossil or a resin cast within an ordinary rock nodule.






Please note we do not certify or evaluate for insurance fossils for third parties unless under contract, in which case terms would be agreed. Fee's are to be paid upon acceptance before any work is carried out. Certifying third party specimens often requires physical examination. Some fossils can be evaluated for division, probate and insurance at long distance with clear accurate photography, dimensions and all provenances available.

We do our upmost to provide the highest of standards within our service and support to our customers. Please do contact us if you have any queries or concerns, as we strive to provide the best possible experience for everyone of our customers. We appreciate this is a most important keystone of trust when trading on the world wide web.