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Audoliceras Heteromorph 203mm


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Genus: Audoliceras heteromorph.
Age: Mesozoic era, Cretaceous period, 135 to 65 million years.
Origin: Volga river formation, Saratov, Ulyanovsk region, Russia.

Audoliceras heteromorph measurements.
Height: 20.3 cm
Width: 12.7 cm
Depth: 5.1 cm

Approximate weight: 2.322 Kg

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To find a genuine Audoliceras heteromorph ammonite today is a difficult ask, especially one that has not been through an artificial process is becoming all the more difficult. Several types we see offered for sale have been pieces of several ammonites fixed together and set into a matrix which is reconstituted. Our specimen here is not from that stable and for this reason exceptionally good.

The opalescent-iridescence is characteristic of this particular fossil bed along the Volga river. Refraction of light plays a big part to the mother of pearl, hosting an array of attractive colours. This process has been influenced also not by the natural nacre of the Audoliceras Heteromorph shell, but also by the mineralisation process that takes millions of years to develop to this sage, we're lucky to be able to see, let alone touch these wonderful fossils in our time. Chitin is the natural element of the shell, being the last remaining home or exoskeleton creates this effect. A truly unique event and naturally formed piece of natural art, inlaid within the matrix and quartz limestone base.