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Artefacts for sale, the destination for high-quality artefacts mainly from Africa. We source directly from the upper Saharan regions, trading with the indigenous peoples of each region. In our discoveries over the last few decades, we have discovered many rare and beautiful objects. Some traded through generations across the continent of Africa and into Europe. Our speciality is the treasures of the unfathomable land.

  1. New Stone Age Hand Adze 127mm

    New Stone Age Hand Adze 127mm

    An attractive Neolithic stone age hand Adze, exhibiting an excellent preservation with a attractive palate of soft pink colour. Once a prized possession of one of our Neolithic ancestors. Read the full description below... Type: Neolithic hand axe. Age: Neolithic, Capsian Tradition, approximately 8,500 to 6,500 BC. Origin: Northern Sahara Desert, Morocco, North Africa. Hand axe measurements. Length: 12.7 cm Width: 4.4 cm Depth: 2.6 cm Approximate weight: 0,154 g Learn More