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Artefacts for sale, the destination for high-quality artefacts mainly from Africa. We source directly from the upper Saharan regions, trading with the indigenous peoples of each region. In our discoveries over the last few decades, we have discovered many rare and beautiful objects. Some traded through generations across the continent of Africa and into Europe. Our speciality is the treasures of the unfathomable land.

  1. Pre Inca Bone Awl 82mm

    Pre Inca Bone Awl 82mm

    Etching marks on the polished surface of this awl denotes a form of decoration or alternatively from when the bone was cut to shape, this yet has to be determined, however these markings are the signature of the ancient producing the artefact, characteristics of the Atacameños culture that produced it. Read the full description below... Type: Bone Awl Pre Inca, Atacameños people. Period: 500 AD Origin: Patagonia (Chile). Overall measurements. Length: 8.2 cm Width: 0.7 cm Depth: 0.6 cm Approximate weight: 0,004 Kg Learn More
  2. Bone Stone Age Awl 107mm

    Bone Stone Age Awl 107mm

    The amount of wear on the polished surface of the prehistoric awl is indicative of the human hand to fashion it, time in the earth, passage through the ages and is the signature of an ancient culture. having the characteristics of prehistory. A epiphysis end, a split long bone culture and the polishing to hone a fine point for the use it was intended. Read the full description below... Type: Bone Awl Ages: Upper palaeolithic 50,000 to 10,000 BP Period: Palaeolithic, Old Stone Age Origin: Sub Saharan Africa Overall measurements. Length: 10.7 cm Width: 1.8 cm Depth: 1.0 cm Approximate weight: 0,005 Kg Learn More