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Anetoceras sp. (Erbenoceras) Ammonite 227mm


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Anetoceras sp. (Erbenoceras) Devonian Ammonite block some 227mm in width. The specimen has the characterized advolute whorls and mature oncoiling growth pattern of type; is a fine example well prepared away from the matrix block. Read our fuller description below.

Genus: Anetoceras sp. Erbenoceras advolvens (Anetoceratinae)
Age: Devonian period, Emsian to Eifelian age 408,000,000 - 388,000,000 years ago.
Origin: Anetoceras (Erbenoceras) layer, Bou Tchrafine, Erfoud, Morocco.

Block measurements.
Width: 22.7 cm
Height: 19.5 cm

Specimen measurements.
Width: 10.9 cm
Height: 9.7 cm
Depth: 1.5 cm

Approximate weight: 2,188 g

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A very good example of an Anetoceras sp. (Erbenoceras) Devonian Ammonite block some 227mm in width. The specimen is a fine example prepared away from the matrix block. With an interesting feature, the completely natural fossil has quartz crystal veining to a small area of the ribbed shell.

Discovered in the Bou Tchrafine layers located just outside the city limits of Erfoud in the south-east province of Er-rachidia, Morocco. The site is about three to four kilometres South of Erfoud on the eastern side of the route from Erfoud to the Dar Karoua oasis and Erg Chebbi. The sequence begins in the north with the long line of smaller quarry pits, made by the indigenous Berber inhabitants, eking out fossilised crinoids Scyphocrinites, commonly referred to as sea lilies [crinoids of the desert] the sequence runs in an eastern to western direction.