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Pair Of Amethyst Geodes 3.7ft


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Amethyst geode monuments of naturally formed druzy amethyst. The numerous Amethyst quartz points within the cavern represent the growth that has taken place over time. The now flat cut edge of the geode displays white to clear quartz at the base layer of the original crystal bed; this is the indicator of genuine ‘earth pocket’ naturally created amethyst. Forced (heat treated), amethyst geodes, cathedrals or caverns do not have this natural variation from white to deep purple amethyst. Artificially treated amethyst appears without the white base to the crystals, as it his forced in baking ovens or stained which creates a solid purple or other colour crystal wall from the outer shell to the crystal terminations within the cavity. Rarely seen of this quality and size, perfect for interior display and Includes free delivery.

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Type: Druzy Amethyst.
Formula: SiO2
Age: Unknown
Origin: Brazil.

Amethyst measurements.
Height: 114 cm

Amethyst weight.
Left amethyst: 33 Kg
Right amethyst: 33 Kg

Overall approximately weight: 66 Kg approximately.

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A naturally form Amethyst crystal column, extracted as a whole geode, now precisely cut into a pair of geode caverns from the mine workings of Minas Gerais, Brazil. The two halves with a foot formed to each half, enable the wonderful crystal cavern to be showcased to the best advantage possible, revealing the numerous amethyst crystal points within.

Amethyst is naturally purple coloured quartz, the striking colour which is natural (some quartz are artificially heat treated to create various colours), is vivid in this particular specimen discovery, a delightfully deep purple hue.

The crystals created through the earth crust heat, vulcanism or magma. In this location particularly, the region of Minas Gerais, large and numerous with exceedingly good clarity, creating a dazzling array within the cavern. The play of light through the amethyst crystals is also bright and remarkable; the prismatic crystal terminations have an exceptional vitreous lustre. An excellent statement geode, a work of art formed by natural circumstances having taken perhaps aeons to form. Steady growth in the perfect conditional environment in South America, until the gases pocket, changed probably through earth movement, which terminates the process. Once the sealed pocket is ruptured, the crystal formation stops.

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Age No
Origin Brazil