Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus Tooth 128mm

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Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus Tooth 128mm


A well preserved Spinosaurus aegyptiacus tooth 128mm, exhibiting solid enamel with a high patina. This piece has a nice curve and is a good size. Spinoisaur teeth do demonstrates beautiful red's and maroon tones throughout the tooth and into the roots when you're lucky enough to find one still attached. For more information on the Spinosaurus please continue...

Genus: Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus.
Age: Mesozoic era, early Cretaceous, Circa, Approximately 99 million years.
Origin: Tegana formation, Kem Kem, Northern Sahara, Morocco, North Africa

Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus tooth measurement.
Diameter: 4.2 cm
Length: 12.8 cm

Acrylic stand measurement.
Height: 2 cm (Overall Height: 7.8 cm)
Width: 10 cm
Depth: 5 cm

Overall weight: 0,264 g