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Ammonite on Bronze 430mm


Large Fossil Ammonite exhumed from the Atlas range of mountains and now conserved with surmounted bronze base, creating the classic and naturally formed fossil sculpture, enhanced and using another earth element. Part of The Fossil Stores classic range of bronze mounts. Read the fuller description below...

Genus Att: Mantelliceras Ammonite.
Origin: Atlas range, Agadir, Morocco, North Africa.
Age: Mesozoic era, Jurassic, approximately 205 to 135 million years.

Mantelliceras Ammonite measurements.
Height: 36.5 cm
Width: 43 cm
Depth: 12.7 cm

Bronze Base measurements.
Height: 4.5 cm
Width: 26 cm
Depth: 15 cm

Overall height: 43 cm

Approximate weight: 22 Kg