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Ancyloceras Heteromorph On Bronze 610mm


Superb large heteromorph ammonite in fine bronze mount, the clasps do not harm the specimen, which support the ammonite on a bronze plinth. The bronze mount very attractive to gallery or museum exhibition standard. Read the ammonite description below...

Geological age: Lower Aptian - Upper Albian 113 to 108 million years.
Genus Att: Audoulioceras, Ancyloceras cf. matheronianum (D’Orbigny 1842)
Location: Pays de Haha, Essaouira south to the Souss Valley, Western Morocco High Atlas Range.

Heteromorph measurements in bronze mount.
Height: 61.0 cm
Width: 26.0 cm
Depth: 11.0 cm

Heteromorph sp. measurements.
Height: 49.5 cm
Width: 26.0 cm
Depth: 9.0 cm

Approximate weight: 15 Kg