The 1960's witnessed a brothers gift which sparked an interest into a prehistoric world which flourished a siblings imagination for many years to come. With a firm establishment in the world of antiques Richard Allison transcended his wealth of knowledge in his sector from antiques, fine arts and artefacts into palaeontology where in the final two decades of the twentieth century The Fossil Store was born. Now primarily procuring fossils from around the world The Fossil Store's objective has been to wherever possible, present aesthetically decorative fossilsed wonders of nature to an interior world, providing rare specimens to connoisseurs, esteemed collectors and the world of interiors.

In this The Fossil Store has achieved many bookmark achievements presenting fossil objects of curiosity to be desired and collected on the worldwide stage. We trust our clients experience browsing our collections is delightful and intriguing. Richard Allison began his fossil acquisitions in ernest in the early 1990's where these first expeditions into continental Africa have brought us to a new destination which we are very proud to share with the rest of the world.




The Fossil Store's online presence has firmly rooted itself as a market leader in an industry surrounded by many fossil wonders around the world. Creating stunning objects of curiosity for the general public, interiors, hotels and celebrities globally since the early 1990's, all of which are extraordinarily rare and beautiful in there own right curating an authentic presence in anyones home.

Our founder and CEO has had a life long interest in palaeontology and has continued an ever progressive course evolving in to a creatively rooted, bespoke and vintage international fossil company presenting interior-style objects of curiosity for luxury interiors globally.




Acquiring fossils around the globe we have set buying and selling records for some of the most important specimens brought to market. As early as 1997 our presence began to flourish as did our authority with our first web pages as we began to set market trends. Some fossil specimens are extremely difficult to bring to market, thanks to a team of passionate creatives we have been able to transcend many issues and through our online and general business endeavours create wealth in some regions of the world less fortunate, through our many trade associations, of which we are very proud.




We have creatively rooted our selections throughout the decades, as purveyors in antiques, fine art and fossils where many if not all collections are unrepeatable. In all disciplines of life there is always a more prestigiously restored piece, here at The Fossil Store we strive to procure, restore and purvey only the very best specimens endeavouring to provide our clientele with something unique. This transcends throughout our business ethics through to our customer service because we like to deal with everyone on a one to one basis which proves time and time again how valuable communications and image is to us all.






On expedition last year we had set our eyes on a very specific objective...

Located beside the Hamar L'Aghdad formation lies the foundations surrounding the western Sahara that attracts many in the summer months. In the right conditions, you can discover some interesting fossils like the Phacops trilobite here, found on one of the many mountains which transcend into Algeria which allow potentially epic conditions for such finds. The catch: it was a 4.5 hour hike in from the nearest road; a 9 hour round trip. The camera gear, tools, climbing and film equipment we were carrying, made this a big commitment for something that's "never the same" as Dean put it. Despite our skepticism about what we might find we didn't have many options as we ventured, into the unknown...