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An elder brothers gift, a fossil ammonite, to his younger sibling sparked a life long interest in the prehistoric world for Richard Allison. That was in nineteen sixty nine the year humanity landed men on the moon. The ancient earth rock encouraged Richard's palaeontological interest to evolve, inspiring his imagination. The interest has lasted the test of time. Our founder Richard, went on to have a successful career in the family art and antiques antiques business. He ultimately transcended his love and knowledge of antiques, fine arts and artefacts into a more palaeontology business in middle age. In the final two decades of the twentieth century The Fossil Store evolved from seeds sown while on a three month family sojourn in the continent of Africa. Richard primarily procured fossils from Africa for his micro business, which then developed into an international concern. The Fossil Store's objective has been to wherever possible, lean towards presenting aesthetically pleasing natural history with an interior design aspect, providing rare wonders to connoisseurs, collectors and the world of interior decor.

The Fossil Store has achieved many bookmark achievements within the industry of paleontological resourcing, presenting fossil objects and curiosities on a global stage. We hope you find the experience browsing our web site collections interesting and pleasurable. Richard began his fossil acquisitions in ernest in the early 1990's where the first expeditions into continental Africa ultimately brought fourth the new millenium collections, which we are very pleased to share with you here.




The Fossil Store's online presence of over twenty years has firmly rooted us as a UK industry leader, in the ever growing industry we feel we have set trends in the way fossil display has evolved. Our company creating an environment selling remarkable objects of curiosity for private or public exhibits, interiors, hotels and even public celebrities for over twenty five years. Fossil creations which are extraordinarily rare and beautiful, curating an authentic presence in any environment or living space. These endeavours charted our founders course in palaeontology exhibits and he has continued an ever progressive course for The Fossil Store in a creative atmosphere, building on early success in research and design and finally producing fine products created from natural history.




In acquiring and selling fossils around the world The Fossil Store has set several records for some of the most important specimens. As early as 1997 our presence began to flourish as did our authority with our first web pages, we began to set market trends. Some fossil specimens are extremely difficult to bring to market, thanks to a team of passionate creatives we have been able to surmount many issues and through our online and general business endeavours created wealth in some regions of the world less fortunate, through our many associations, of which we are very proud.




The Fossil Store roots were established through decades. In all disciplines there is always the rarest or the ultimate acquisition, the prestigious piece, here at The Fossil Store we strive to procure, conserve and purvey only the very best specimens, endeavouring to provide you with something unique. This challenge themes throughout our business ethics too and customer service, we deal with our customers on a one to one basis wherever possible, which proves dividends time and again and is what underpin's our team core value. Communications and longevity is a key part of our business success.





On recent expeditions we had set our eyes on a very specific objectives...

'...Located beside the Hamar L'Aghdad formation lies the surrounding western desert, Morocco which attracts many travellers. When conditions are favourable one may discover interesting fossils, such as fossil trilobites, these are found on several mountain ranges which reach into neigbouring Algeria and the greater Sahara, the desert tenéré allowing some potentially beneficial circumstances for fossicking. Our four hour plus pisté journey from the nearest semi-tarmac road; half way through a nine hour round trip, briefly ends. We slavishly haul tools, camera and film gear on the final leg on foot up the mountainside in full sun and the heat of the North African day venturing into the unknown void beyond our immediate horizon...' We invite you to read more like this within our journal notes and posts.